The Powerful Film Novelization from Actress/Producer Nikki R. Miller Change of Heart by Nikki R. Miller

After years as a successful actress and singer, Nikki R. Miller founded NRM Faith Based Films to fill the growing void for quality, family oriented films that emphasize stories of faith and hope. CHANGE OF HEART is Miller’s powerful novelization of the film company’s forthcoming movie of the same name; a riveting tale that examines the damage done to families by long-harbored anger and resentment and the redemption available to those who seek it. In CHANGE OF HEART, Calvin Hardy Jr. is a man who seems to have it all: a loving wife, healthy, active children and a successful career as a project development engineer. Yet, he is so consumed with anger toward his father that it threatens to destroy any chance of happiness he has at home. Driven by deep-seated resentment from having found his father cheating on his mother in his youth, Calvin eventually makes a poor business decision that takes him away from his wife and children just when they need him most. It is only when an unthinkable, life-altering event occurs that Calvin sees the devastating effect of his long-held anger on not only himself, but on the family he worked so hard to build. CHANGE OF HEART pierces the heart of anger and bitterness and reveals how faith and forgiveness have the power to change lives. Inspirational and extraordinarily relevant to our times, the novel is a must-read debut and a stellar introduction to the body of work yet to come from Miller and NRM Faith Based Films. About the Author Nikki R. Miller is a writer, producer, actress and singer, and CEO of NRM Faith Based Films, LLC. CHANGE OF HEART is her debut novel and the novelization of the screenplay she wrote of the same name, currently in pre-production with partner Buffalo 8 Productions out of Beverly Hills, CA. Born and raised in the St. Petersburg-Tampa area of Florida, Miller now lives in Atlanta, GA where she also mentors and speaks to young people, encouraging them to follow their dreams without compromise.eBook_Cover (1)

For additional information about Nikki R. Miller, CHANGE OF HEART and NRM Faith Based Films, please visit CHANGE OF HEART A Novel by Nikki R Miller Publication Date: July 19, 2016 NRM Faith Based Films Paperback: 978-0-9977592-0-4 E-Book: 978-0-9977592-1-1 To request an interview with Nikki R. Miller or for more information/review copies of CHANGE OF HEART contact NRM Faith Based Films: 615-507-9422 /

NRM Welcomes Film Director of Change of Heart, Michael McClendon!

Michael McClendon
Michael McClendon is a writer/director/actor for both screen and stage. His most recent
directorial/screenwriting release is Stand Your Ground (view trailer at In 2013 this film received a nomination for Best Picture and won the Bronze Best Drama at the ICVM Film Festival and won Best Picture at the PVI Film Festival, as well as numerous international awards. Michael’s stage plays, Our Family Trouble and Critter have topped international playwriting festivals; his first collection of monologues, The Big Book of
Monologues ( and ) is now available, and the novel version of Stand Your Ground is ready for release. Recently completed screenplays for The Deep Dark based on William Bean’s novel Dark Force) and Take Me With You were followed by writing and directing the short film The Remember Box. He is an accomplished actor with over forty years experience, appearing on stage and film with the likes of Tommy Lee Jones, Carroll O’Connor, Lily Tomlin, Julie Christie, Charles Durning, Patrick Swayze and Jessica Lange. Michael has been teaching, directing, and casting actors since the early 1970’s, and he prefers to share his time with both film and theatre. In 2013, he was named one of the five People To Watch in the Georgia Entertainment Industry. Michael’s work as a theatrical director began in 1970 and continues today. Additionally, his skills as a film director were kept in shape by directing film shorts, commercials, industrials, and training films, and as an active member of the Screen Actors Guild. He has recently turned his attention to directing feature films, with Stand Your Ground, The Remember Box, Patchwork Dreams, Take Me With You and upcoming projects such as The Deep Dark and the screen version of Niki Rowe Cross’s Like Daddy Used to Say… For more details,please see