‘Change of Heart’ is a movie that will touch on a common issue across the world: Unforgiveness… which everyone has experienced at some point in time in their lives.  How can a simple word as unforgiveness cause so much trouble? Well, I’ll tell you.  Unforgiveness is a matter of the heart and if not taken care of, can destroy you and those close to you. And this is what the devil uses against us.  In this story, the devil took the father’s unforgiveness of a past hurt and caused him to do the very thing he said he would never do. The Bible has all kinds of verses regarding forgiving. One of them comes from Matthew 6:14-15 AMP, which says “For if you forgive others their trespasses [their reckless and willful sins], your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others [nurturing your hurt and anger with the result that it interferes with your relationship with God], then your Father will not forgive your trespasses.” God said it plain and simple.

In writing this movie, I began to think about husbands and/or fathers, and the roles they play in the lives of their wives and/or children. They are the ones that we as wives, mothers, daughters and sons rely on and look to for support, structure, leadership and of course, first of all love.  When those elements are missing, things fall out of place. And sometimes the cause of those elements is due to generational downfalls, which I believe unresolved past hurt is the source of a lot of damaged hearts in so many generations. This poison filters down through our generations if not taken care of in the proper way, ultimately giving that hurt completely over to God.  I look at a lot of young men and how so many are getting into trouble, with most of them going to jail or either being killed… some of them following in their father’s footsteps.  So, I write this movie to prayerfully help that person (male or female) that may be struggling with a past hurt and has built up anger and unforgiveness in their heart; although I chose to focus on the man in this movie, only because the devil is really targeting our men. I also celebrate those men who are not only living a life that brings glory to God, but also to their families. Yet still, unforgiveness is haunting so many of us.  I’m a witness, and know for a fact that only God can clean your heart and bring that joy back.